Pedagogical display


Communicate on your production of green energy

When you invest in renewable energy sources and innovative, it is crucial to communicate your commitment to the environment at the close of your audience.
However, it is common that your facilities are not visible, which makes it difficult to promote their performance.
Our solution display teaching ENERCODIS solves this problem.

Our services


  • Our solution enables you to display the data from your production of renewable energy in a place visible to the public, such as a hall school entry or outdoor space.
  • As a professional, administrative, public or private company that interacts with the public, ENERCODIS enables you to promote your investments in renewable energy and to raise awareness of your audience to their importance.
  • Our solution display teaching ENERCODIS is the ideal solution to communicate your commitment to the environment and to highlight the benefits of your installation of renewable energy.

    Customized data

    Organisation / Installation
    Slides on your structure and installation / Production since commissioning / CO2 not emitted / Consumption comparison (Airplane flight, car journey, etc.) / Equivalent of powered households.


    Individual configuration
    Multi-solution compatible
    Slide Marketing
    Slide informational
    Our solution is individually configured to provide you with a customized display.
    Our technology allows us to integrate multiple solutions to adapt to your installation.

    F. A. Q.

    Comment afficher mon écran pédagogique ?


    C'est très simple, il vous suffit de brancher le boitier que nous vous fournissons avec un câble HDMI sur votre écran et le tour est joué.

    Plug & Play

    Puis-je personnaliser l'affichage ?

    Nous vous fournissons un accès à notre plateforme pour modifier le thème (Photos d'arrière-plan), les informations sur votre structure et votre installation ainsi que les diapositives à afficher.
    Our platform also allows you to manage one or multiple screens.


    Puis-je ajouter d'autre information ?

    Deux options :
    • L'ajout de slide sur votre écran (Marketing & Informationnel);
    • La création marketing de slide;
    Ces slides sont paramétrables via notre plateforme.


    About us

    Our solution has been developed by a team consisting of professional home Automation, industrial, Programmers and computer Graphic designer in order to meet all of your technical requirements and visual.
    This team, composed of professionals coming from different sectors of activity allows us today to offer you a solution which is innovative and unique on the market.